Website SEO Audit

Website SEO Audit

Is your site running?

How well is it getting traffic?

Are there any difficulties in the webpage?

If yes, then all you require to do is to get Website SEO Audit at Sagittarius Infotech. We’re the one stop solution for all of your needs. Sagittarius Infotech professional staff will evaluate your internet site from the effectiveness to the positions in numerous search engines like Google and yahoo. Our industry professionals will provide you with a precise facts relating to your webpage that could give you a fresh setting for escalating your enterprise options online.
Your review will also consist of tips that can be done to further improve the exposure of your own site.

Design Research

Webpage design is very crucial as it produces an effect in the thoughts of individuals who stop by the website. Thus we give value to web page design as well while assessing your web page. A great layout should be easy, appealing and appropriate.

The Goal Potential

 Identifying the objective potential is very crucial to boost your company strategies. Thus we supply you with a in depth examination of your goal potential after getting appropriate ideas from genuine users to broaden your organization prospect. This is very essential to review the revenue desire and desires in a precise location.

Search Engine Evaluation

 Analyzing your website on the search engine is very vital to find out how they place your online site and the volume of the outside links accessible. This can aid you find the search engines that offer you with accurate visitors and which one directs you bot to boost your targeted traffic. This will also allow you to validate your keyword research.

Keywords Employed

Our record will consist of comprehensive information concerning the keywords utilized in the websites and their regularity. Appropriate utilization of keyword is very important for a profitable website to boost the sales and increase targeted visitors. Therefore our consultants will review the keywords appropriate to your business and discover the one which draws in more site visitors.

Review Your Website

 Have you been facing any complications in your internet site? If yes our skilled team of industry experts will search for server issues and shattered links in your online site and obtain it fixed within a short. Usually 404 error may appear on your online site and our professional team will not only give a speedy solution as well as be sure that future troubles do not appear in your online site.

Supervising your Internet site

Checking your site at regular intervals is very vital to make certain that it operates well to attract more clients and income. We at Brain Technosys use the newest software and technology to hold an eye on your online site to avoid issues and broken links.


 At the end of our review and research we usually present space for solutions and advancements that can be done to increase the presence of your online site. We supply a variety of aspects of recommendations to enhance your online site for improved income and same.
  • Conversion rate tips
  • SEO recommendations
  • Designing solutions
  • Usability hints
  • A boost in traffic suggestions